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CH Brookhills Take It Or Leave It - "Camden"


 BISS GCH Snowbounds Angel Fire x CH Brookhills Next Best Thing

 bred by Debbie Thornton  owned by Erica Hartt and Debbie

 DOB:  July 18, 2014

Average age of death in his 5 generation pedigree is 9.16 years with all                dates and causes of death known
8 of 9 litter mates are alive


bernergarde id:  113570  

vWD: clear 

histio test:  in HSIMS

OFA hips:  good 

OFA elbows:  normal 

DM SOD1A:  carrier

SOD1B:  clear 

heart:   normal 

eyes:  normal                 

Betterbred Genetic Diversity Analysis complete

Camden is 26 inches tall and a muscular 120 lbs

Cam Cam Muffin Man.  He got that name because he had one of the best fuzzy puppy heads which is no surprise as he grew a very thick adult coat.  Camden is a very easy going dog and loves attention.  There is never enough cuddle time for Cam.  His favorite part of dog shows was laying on his grooming table and waiting for people to come pet him.  He is now a veteran and vibrantly healthy.  He is my first dog that has been 100% raw feed from 8 weeks and has never received any conventional parasite control or any other drugs and has not been vaccinated since he was a puppy.   

Camden has sturdy bone, thick straight coat, strong muzzle, elbows well set under his shoulder and a deep chest.  His movement is clean coming and going.  

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