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Cinnabar First Edition At Tenacity - "Bailey"

Cinnabar First Edition At Tenacity
CH Aria's No Strings Attached At Tenacity FITS TKN x
Sendache Trouble With The Jade Monkey

 bred by Kathy Max owned by Erica Hartt and Troy Shoaf
 DOB:  November 5, 2021
Bailey lives with and is loved by the Shoaf family.

 Average age of death in his 5 generation pedigree is 9.9 years
His mother is alive at 6.7 as of Nov 2023
His sire is alive at 7.5 years as of Nov 2023  
Maternal Grandfather is alive at 7 years and 10 months of age as of Dec 2022
Maternal Grandmother  

Paternal Grandfather passed at 8.8
Paternal Grandmother passed at  11 

Paternal Great Grandparents average age of death is 10.5
bernergarde id: 197438
vWD:  tbd
histio test:  tbd

OFA hips:  tbd Dec 2023
OFA elbows: tbd Dec 2023
DM SOD1A:  clear by parentage

SOD1B:  clear by parentage
heart:  tbd
eyes:  tbd

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