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Gusto's The Big Shot Has Tenacity FITB - "Capone"   

Gusto's The Big Shot Has Tenacity
CH Aria's No Strings Attached at Tenacity FITS TKN x
GCH Highland's You've Got Big Plans (please see Berner Garde for her

performance titles)
bred by Jess Anichini owned by Erica Hartt
 DOB:  December 10, 2021
 Average age of death in his 5 generation pedigree is 9.69 years with all                   
dates and causes of death known
His mother is alive and Is 6.8 years
 old as of February 2024
His sire is alive and is 7.8 years old as of February
His Maternal Grandmother passed at  1
0 years
His Maternal Grandfather is ali
ve at 9.3 years old as of February 2024
His Paternal Grandmother passed at 11.5
His Paternal Grandfather passed at 8 years and 10 months
Maternal Great Grandparents average age of death is
Paternal Great Grandparents average age of death is 10.5
all 10 litter mates are alive 

bernergarde id: 199045
vWD: clear
histio test:  tested and in HSIMS

OFA hips:  good
OFA elbows: normal
DM SOD1A:   clear

SOD1B:   clear
heart:  normal
eyes:   normal

Embark genetic panel completed


Capone is Pauly's son.  He was the pick male pup in a litter of 11.  This dog has the most incredible temperament.  At nine months of age we started meet and greets at various events and he behaved like an older adult.  He is good natured, confident, alert, calm and loving.  

Capone has a very handsome correct head with intelligent animated gentle expression.  His skull is broad and flat.  His muzzle is strong and straight and his flews are not loose. His neck is strong and muscular.  He has moderately laid back, flat laying shoulders.  His front legs are strong and straight and his elbows are well under his shoulder.  His stifles are moderately bent and his rear pasterns are straight from behind.  His tail carriage is excellent and is almost straight off his back while in motion.  His feet are round and compact.  He has incredible pigment.  His coat is thick, jet black, rich rust with a bright natural sheen.  

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