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About   Welcome to Tenacity Bernese Mountain Dogs!  My name is Erica Hartt.  I have been a lover of animals, dogs in particular, since as far back as I can remember.  My fist word was "goggie."  In the mid 80's my parents gifted my first AKC Complete Dog Book to me for Christmas.  Little did they know this book would be the beginning of a life long journey.  I quickly became interested in studying the breed standards and taking my knowledge to the streets.  While out and about I would "judge" dogs.  


My interest in breed standards turned into non stop begging of my parents for a show dog, which led to Ginger, a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog.  Sadly, she was never shown as my desire for the show ring was much greater than those involved in assisting me.  The dream never died and I continued to research breeds, watch dog shows on tv and convince my parents to attend some local shows.  


I developed a fondness for the working group, Rottweilers and Bernese Mountain Dogs in particular.  My first dog as an adult was Rommel, a handsome Rottweiler who although not show potential, I would practice stacking and gaiting him.  The desire for a Berner was close at heart, but I must admit the fear of loosing one to cancer young kept me from pursuing one until 2009 when Captain Jack stole my heart.  I held the adorable bundle of tri color fur all the way home from Alabama.  He was a very sweet gentle boy who paved the way for my dream of showing dogs.


Soon after bringing Jack home I joined the BMDCNI and began research into the breed on a more extensive level.  After two years of observing dog shows and much research I ended up with handsome Timmy from Brookhills Berners.  After only a handful of times in the ring he received back to back majors with me on the lead!   I truly am living a dream and am forever grateful to Debbie for giving a new person a chance!  Starting a breeding program is a decision that I believe takes numerous years of judging dogs on your own, pedigree research, being mentored  and an in depth knowledge of canine genetics.   It is not something to pursue hastily.  I am blessed to have many mentors that have been in the breed for over 20 years and are always a phone call away.  I have also had the opportunity to participate in over 20 litter evaluations with different breeders since my start in the breed in 2009.  I offer to handle dogs at conformation shows so I can get my hands on as many dogs as possible.  This education has been invaluable.  I am a researcher by nature and spend countless hours studying pedigrees.



Erica Hartt Cert. CN

Member BMDCA

Member Heart of Michigan BMDC

Member Buckeye BMDC

Member Natural Rearing Breeders


Certificate in Canine Nutrition

Health Auction Chair BMDCA 2024

Heath Chair Heart of MI BMDC

Education Chair Buckeye BMDC

past trophy co Chair BMDCNI

past Treasurer and VP BMDCNI

past Welcome Bag Chair BMDCA 2019

past Regional Specialty Chair BMDCNI

past Vanna - Health Auction for 3 years


I keep my dogs updated in the

Bernergarde database

and encourage all Berner owners

to do so as well.

Preservation Breeder Bernese Mountain Dogs Ohio
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