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Naturally Raised Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Cincinnati Ohio
Natural Rearing Breeder Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

                            Possible litter in 2024

      Please email and tell me about yourself and your family including pets, your home, your experience with dogs, tell me if you are willing to naturally raise a Berner.  Why are you the perfect family for a Tenacity puppy? The more detail you share the better.

Natural rearing families wanted!

In order to accomplish my goal to breed Bernese Mountain Dogs with long health spans, I am in search of families that love this breed so much they would like to go on this journey with me.  Email me if you are passionate about the health of Bernese Mountain Dogs and would be interested in learning about showing in conformation. 

I have a very specific goal - to see if I can improve health span by raising dogs as nature intends.  A naturally reared dog eats a diet of fresh food, does not receive chemical parasite control and lives in a home free of harmful chemicals.   

My purpose in breeding is to preserve the Bernese Mountain Dog and try to increase health-span while maintaining the perfect Berner temperament that I started with.  A balanced dog with type, desire to work and that moves with ease is important to me.  I can't guarantee perfect health and a specific lifespan, but extensive research is put into each litter to increase the odds of long lived healthy dogs. 

I cannot express enough how important soundness of temperament is to me.  The standard specifically says "The temperament is self-confident, alert and good-natured, never sharp or shy. The Bernese Mountain Dog should stand steady, though may remain aloof to the attentions of strangers."  I will not breed a sharp or shy dog.  I take much pride in the confident and good-natured Berners in my home and I have much thanks to give to all of the breeders in their pedigrees. 

I am a natural rearing breeder.  All adults and puppies are naturally raised which includes a diet of 100% raw food, natural remedies, filtered water, natural parasite control, regular exercise, ongoing chiropractic adjustments and exams by a holistic vet. I believe that by raising my dogs naturally, I am giving my Berners the best chance at a long vibrant life. 


A nomograph is completed on the mothers to estimate the amount of antibody passed to a litter of pups from the mother via her colostrum.  The results give puppy owners the ability to give one well timed parvo and distemper vaccine if they choose. 

I was a member of the Avidog Breeder College before they sold and use their protocols for raising puppies.  I will choose the puppy that will fit best with your family based on the pups energy level and temperament.  Before the puppies leave to join their new families they will have started potty and crate training.  Each puppy will have received individual short training sessions to learn basic commands.  The puppies will have gone on car rides, walked on a leash and have met many adults, children and the other Berners in our home.  They will have also been exposed to sounds that are a part of normal life such as thunderstorms, loud traffic, fireworks, vacuum cleaners etc.  I want to make the transition as easy as possible for both you and your puppy.  My goal is to raise confident puppies that adjust to new situations with ease.


Each puppy will go home with a binder full of Berner and general pet parent information, one puppy homemade raw food recipe and one adult homemade raw food recipe as well as a lifetime of support from myself.  

Adults are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, vWD, heart, eyes DM SOD1-A and DM SOD1B before breeding.  The HSIMS is utilized whenever possible to pair dogs that have the least chance of producing puppies more likely to develop histiocytic sarcoma.  My breeding dogs are all tested and included in the database. 

My dogs are all shown in conformation to obtain their championship to prove they are a correct example of their breed. I strongly believe a third party opinion of ones dogs helps to preserve the breed by producing dogs that meet the breed standard in both body and mind.  

Puppies are sold for $3500 plus OH sales tax.  After we have communicated through email and phone, you will be invited to our home for an open house to meet our dogs and the pups when they are 6 weeks old. 

I ask my families to continue a diet of fresh food, non toxic parasite control and care with a holistic veterinarian.  I will guide you if you are new to naturally raising dogs. 

Tenacity Bernese Mountain Dogs believes that choosing to breed is a grand decision and must not be taken lightly.


Please do not buy a Berner from a pet store!  Pet stores buy puppies from puppy mills to resale for a very high profit.

see the


"Backyard Breeders" are of concern as well.  These breeders are pairing dogs without any concern for the health, working ability or conformation of the breed.  Their motive is money. Puppies for sale on the internet are from either backyard breeders or puppy mils.


A responsible breeder who is breeding to preserve and better the BMD will only pair dogs that have been fully health tested (hips, elbows, vWD, heart, eyes, DM SOD1-A and DM SOD1-B) and have been evaluated at conformation shows to prove they are an excellent representation of the breed.  Ideally both sire and dam will have a championship title.  They will only pair two dogs that have the potential to produce healthy puppies with sound temperaments that will grow into excellent examples of their breed.  They will not knowingly pair two pedigrees likely to produce significant faults, incorrect temperament or heritable health concerns.  The responsible breeder breeds because they love the BMD and spends more on the endeavor than they will ever make.  


visit to find a responsible breeder near you.

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Responsible Breeder Check List



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