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CH Aria's No Strings Attached At Tenacity FITB FITS - Pauly
CH Aria's No Strings Attached At Tenacity FITB FITS

CH Aria's No Strings Attached At Tenacity  TKN RN FITG    - "Pauly"

 MBISS GCH Astia's Sacred Warrior x CH Aria's Third Times A Charm
 bred by Cheryle Watson owned by Erica Hartt
 DOB:  June 4, 2016

 Average age of death in his 5 generation pedigree is 9.2 years with all                   
dates and causes of death known
His mother passed at  11.5 years old.
His sire passed at 8 years and 10 months old.    
Maternal Grandparents average age of death is 11.55
Paternal Grandparents average age of death is 9.3
Maternal Great Grandparents average age of death is 10.2
Paternal Great Grandparents average age of death is 10.03
all 5 litter mates are alive 

bernergarde id: 131625 
vWD:  clear  histio test:  in HSIMS

OFA hips:  good 
OFA elbows: normal 
DM SOD1A:  clear 

SOD1B:  clear  
heart:  normal 
eyes:  normal  

Betterbred Genetic Diversity Analysis complete
Wisdom Panel DNA Testing complete
Pauly is 27 1/4 inches tall and a muscular 130 lbs

Huge thanks go out to Cheryle for trusting me with this special boy.  The first time I saw Pauly's sire Kaden, I was smitten and determined to one day have a puppy by him. I couldn't have asked for a better combination than Cheryle's Alexus. She is a typey girl with a strong muzzle and flat broad skull while still appearing feminine.  She has sturdy bone, correct movement and beautiful thick shiny coat.  It was a lovely litter and the pedigree has exceptional longevity.  Pauly has the ideal Berner temperament.  He is confident, kind and pure joy every single day.  He is full of life, loves to socialize, learn new things and has endurance to work. 


Outside of a few practice shows we started seriously showing in June of 2018 entering one weekend a month and he finished in February of 2019.  He placed or won at nearly every show including a Best of Breed from the classes in a very nice entry, a reserve win at a regional specialty and 4 times second place in classes of 6 at the IL and MI regional specialty shows.  He won or placed under breed and all breed judges in states all over the midwest and south. 


Pauly is a balanced dog which shows in his beautiful balanced side gait with good reach and drive.  He has correct foot timing.  His masculine head with a broad flat skull and strong muzzle are complimented with an animated gentle expression.  He has a very soft and shiny slightly wavy coat, muscular neck of medium length, correct tail set and croup, correct lenght of upper arm, sturdy bone and good topline. 

Pauly has sired 13 puppies as of mid 2022.  He is giving his puppies his confident and good natured temperament.  So far it appears he is also contributing sturdy bone, correct head with intelligent animated gentle expression, correct length of upper arm, correct rear angle and correct side gait with good reach and drive.  

I own or co-own four of his puppies.  I am excited to see how they mature. 

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