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Proper nutrition is very important at Tenacity Bernese Mountain Dogs.  In 2009 I started feeding a species appropriate diet to ensure that my dogs are healthy and vibrant.  I believe that as scavenging carnivores, dogs are meant to eat a variety of moisture dense foods.  Look inside of a dogs mouth and you will see sharp teeth that are meant to tear flesh.  


My dogs are fed a diet of whole ground prey animals, raw meaty bones, tripe and organs.

They are fed from a food safe made in the USA ceramic platter instead of a bowl to simulate a natural feeding experience. I advice against feeding from a bowl as it encourages gulping. 

I completed a certificate program in canine nutrition so am able to properly balance a homemade diet.  The Whole Woof

I rotate protein sources and add various green and yellow veggies, berries, eggs, quinoa, krill oil, sardines, probiotics, green lipped mussel, mushroom powder, vitamin and mineral supplements as needed.

No two weeks of meals are the same.  


I work in the pet industry as a Buyer and Nutrition Consultant and see the effects of improper diet.  So many dogs are suffering from allergies, obesity, digestive issues, chronic ear infections and lack of energy.  As a nutrition consultant, I also get the pleasure of seeing the profound impact changing to a species appropriate diet has on dogs. 


I use natural remedies when possible.

I do not use chemical parasite control.

My dogs see a holistic veterinarian.

My dogs are truly naturally raised.  This is an incredible amount of hard work

but the results are worth it.  You will find others who use this term as it is catching on but they feed part kibble, use conventional parasite control etc.

My dogs live in the house.  They have free play in the yard daily and each get their own walk at the local school or church daily unless the weather prohibits. 


It is my desire to help as many dogs as I can lead a vibrant healthy life!  

I ask all Tenacity Berners to be fed a moisture rich raw food diet and to see a holistic vet.  I will help you learn how to create a simple balanced raw diet or how to purchase a premade one. 

My Pet Carnivore is my choice for the best food for my Berners

Raw feeding Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies
Naturaly Reared Holistic Raised Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Seminars I have completed

2023 - Dr Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets - Dr Judy Morgan, Angela Ardolino - Cannabis for pets

2022 - Healthy Dog Exp - Dr Karen Becker, Dr Laurie Coger, Rodney Habib, Dr Kendra Pope -Integrative Oncology

2020 CASI - Certificate in Canine Nutrtion


2019 The Possible Canine - Basics of Canine Nutrition Certificate course- Cat Lane


2019 - The Possible Canine - Canine Diet Formulation Certificate Course - Cat Lane

February 2018 - Home Prepared Canine Diets - Cat Lane

March 2017 - CIVT Why is feeding pets such a big issue - the historical and scientific context - Barbara Royal DVM

April 2017 - CIVT Basic Components of Pet Food -Barbara Royal DVM

May 2017 - CIVT Food Inside and Out-Barbara Royal DVM

Elisa Katz DVM Webinars

February 2016 Chinese Medicine

March 2016 Ozone Therapy

April 2016 Pet Allergies

May 2016 Microbiome Restorative Therapy

June 2016 Homeopathy

August 2016 Vaccine webinar

September 2016 AHVMA Conference

Nutrigenomics I and II -  

Susan Klein DVM

Applications of Cannabinoid Therapies for Geriatric Conditions -

Robert Silver DVM

Cannabis for Cancer -

Robert Silver DVM

Immune System and Cancer -

Nancy Scanlan DVM

Herbs for Cancer Treatment -  

Nancy Scanlan DVM

Evaluating/Balancing Homemade and Prey Model Diets -

Steve Brown and Karen Becker DVM

Cellular Oxidative Stress and Chronic Inflammatory Disease I and II - 

Jean Dodds DVM

Novel Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress I and II -

Dr Jean Dodds

Update:  Rabies Virus Protections Issues and TX - Jean Dodds DVM

2015 - Raw Done Right - Steve Brown and Karen Becker DVM

BMDCNI Education Meeting 2014

Species Appropriate Nutrition

Barbara Royal DVM

2014 - Better Fats, Better Dogs - Steve Brown


Middlewest Pet Summit 2012

Species Appropriate Nutrition 

Karen Becker DVM

Certified Canine Nutrition Consultant
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