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Basia Mille Crazy Woman Canyon - "Chrissy"  


October's Ace Of Hero x CH October's River Song RN TKN TKI RI NJP NAP

bred by Cole Shanholtz- Howe 

owned by Stephanie England Grey, Erica Hartt and Cole Shanholtz-Howe

DOB: April 27, 2022


Average age of death in her 5 generation pedigree is  years with all dates and causes of death known

Her mother is alive and Is 

Her sire is alive and is  

Her Maternal Grandmother is alive at 

Her Maternal Grandfather is 

Her Paternal Grandmother 

Her Paternal Grandfather 

Maternal Great Grandparents average age of death is

Paternal Great Grandparents average age of death is 

all 10 litter mates are alive

bernergarde id: 205913

vWD: tbd 

histio test:  tbd

OFA hips:  tbd

OFA elbows: tbd

DM SOD1A:   clear

SOD1B:   clear

heart:  tbd

eyes:   tbd

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