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Aria's The Road Less Traveled To Tenacity

Aria's The Road Less Traveled To Tenacity -  "DJ"

RBIS NOHS MBIS GCHB Vida's Whale Of A Time x Aria's Bahama Momma

bred by Cheryle Watson  owned by Erica Hartt

DOB:  February 1,  2021

Average age of death in his 5 generation pedigree is 10.19 years with all dates causes of

death known

bernergarde id: 191559 

vWD: clear  

histio test: in HSIMS

OFA hips:  good

OFA elbows:  normal

DM SOD1A:  clear

SOD1B:  clear 

heart:  normal echo

eyes:  normal                    

Wisdom Panel DNA Testing complete


DJ has a broad flat skull with an intelligent, animated gentle expression.  He has tight flews and correct eye shape.  He has a beautiful balanced side gait with excellent reach and drive.  His shoulders are moderately laid back and flat laying.  He has correct return of upper arm.  His neck is muscular and of medium length.  He has very sturdy bone. His front is clean coming.  

DJ has the ideal temperament.  He is confident and good natured and very smart.  He is always wagging so hard his whole body goes along with the tail! 

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